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PHOEBE Ceramic Cat Bowls

PHOEBE Ceramic Cat Bowls

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Want to spoil your kitty with a stylish new bowl?

The PHOEBE range of ceramic cat bowls have a style to suit the most fussy of cats.

  • A small deep bowl - for the more traditional cat
  • A shallow wide bowl - for those cats who suffer from whisker fatigue
  • A raised wide bowl - perfect for older cats

All styles feature the cutest of cat designs on the face of the cat bowl.

With plastic cat bowls having a tendency to absorb odors and harbor bacteria within its many scratches, the PHOEBE ceramic cat bowl provides the ultimate safety for your precious kitty and the convenience of easy cleaning.

the PHOEBE is the perfect way to give your cat the luxury they deserve. Order one today.

Features and Benefits

  • Resistance to bacteria - making meal times safer for your precious kitty.
  • Easy to clean - ceramic is much easier to clean and keep clean that a plastic bowl.
  • Cute design that compliments any decor - meaning your cats bowl wont stick out like an ugly sore thumb.
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Product information

Product Category: Bowl
Material: Porcelain

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