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NALA Cat Litterbox Mat

NALA Cat Litterbox Mat

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Tired of having cat litter trekked throughout your house by your darling kitty?

Do you find that no matter where you keep your cats litter box that litter seems to end up everywhere? between litter getting stuck in cats paws or an enthusiastic kitty that tends to throw litter all around and outside the litter box, it can be a frustrating chore to have to sweep or vacuum up cat litter on a daily basis.

The Nala waterproof pet cat litter mat is the answer you have been looking for. With a double-layer cat litter trapper for trapping the litter from your cat paws and litterbox, cleaning up can be as simple as pouring the litter out of the mat and bag into the litter box.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exquisite quilted edge, thick bottom, compact workmanship, durable quality.
  • Waterproof base layer preventing the water and urine leaking to the floor.
  • Made from Eco-friendly and high elastic EVA foam, featuring honeycomb design for easily gathering the litter.
  • Double-layer cat litter trapper for trapping litter from cat paws and litter box, helps you to save cleaning time and litter cost.
  • Easy to clean, just pour out the litter via the opening pocket, quick drying. 

Specifications: Material: EVA foam

Color: black, blue, pink

Item Size: S: 11 13/16 inches*11 13/16 inches (30*30CM), M: 15 3/4 inches*19 11/16 inches (40*50CM)  , L: 17 23/32 inches*23 5/8 inches (45*60CM) , XL: 21 21/32 inches*29 17/32 inches (55*75CM) 

Package included: 1 x Cat Litter Mat



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